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About Us

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Founding Principles

  • To create a company that keeps its members first.
  • To create a Multi Sector Shopping Community.
  • To provide an Easy Business Plan for all our members that is SIMPLE and Readily Duplicable.
  • To create an Organization that is committed to the success of its Members.
  • To create an opportunity that will stand the test of time and in all economies.

  • To save money for members on their personal shopping, and create further income     streams from the spending habits of their friends and family.
  • To help members make Reward Points from every purchase, and to benefit from the spending habits of every member not just those in their team. A truly cooperative effort.
  • To encourage independent traders to become Partner Merchants with us, and create a more level playing field to help the fight off competition - from large multi-store supermarkets and online stores – with a powerful support packages that rewards shoppers and small traders alike.
  • To help strengthen local communities by not only assisting independent traders as above, but also charitable and social groups, such as sports clubs, day care nurseries etc.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help members create a Residual Income from shopping. We believe in maintaining a long term relationship by giving our members a genuine business opportunity. Our model is to connect Shoppers & Merchants who are looking to bring value to Idea Rewards Loyalty Programme and create a Win Solution for our members and our independent Partner Merchants.

Our Purpose

We are committed to the financial stability and future of our members by offering a compensation plan;

  • Where you don't need buy or sell anything just do your daily shopping the Idea way.
  • That allows you to earn a reasonable part time income..
  • That allows you to earn from the shopping habits of every person, each member recommends - down to several generations deep.
  • The ability to achieve uncapped income relative to level of time and effort committed.
  • The ability to achieve personally desired outcomes - such as a much more secure financial lifestyle - using our Rewards Program as their vehicle of choice.

Gift Cards & Vouchers

Redeem your Reward Points for Gift Cards and Vouchers. Our Range of Gift Cards and Vouchers are a flexible and easy way to save. Perfect for regular shopping at the same store, multiple stores or just as gifts.

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Why Consider Loyalty Program ?

There are many compelling reasons why you should be considering a loyalty program for your business. It is not a secret anymore implementing a carefully constructed loyalty program is well worth the pursuit given it’s around 5 times more expensive to find a new customer than it is to keep a current one – a well-known statistic that should give businesses the impetus to seek help from an expert. and yet only few businesses, especially smaller businesses, have understood the enormous benefits to be gained from implementing an effective loyalty program. It doesn't matter what your business is, whether you're a wholesaler or a retailer.

Loyalty Programs, if run correctly, increase growth, help retain customers, and improve your brand’s reputation. And if you haven’t yet weaved a loyalty program into your marketing strategy, you may be missing out on one of the best and easiest tool available for the success of your business; it's about building data and useful information that will grow your sales!

How does the Idea Rewards program works:

We advertise your business to our growing number of members.

When a member makes a purchase, you simply enter their Idea Rewards Card no. on our iTerminal we provide on our webportal, enter the amount of purchase, then an email will be sent showing the Reward Points earned for the purchase.

Each merchant decides in advance how many reward points our members will earn for every pound spent at their business. When the member earns Reward Points from your business or a combination of merchants, the member can then spend these reward points only at merchants in the network. We pay 100% of the redeemed value less any further points created on that transaction to the merchant accepting them for their products or services.

How does Idea Rewards Program differ from other Loyalty Programs?

  • It’s a Multi store loyalty program meaning Idea Rewards Card holders can collect RPs (Reward Points) in all Idea Rewards Program participating merchants.
  • Idea Rewards Program gives you RPs for every registered transaction made by your customers with Idea Rewards Card issued by you in all Idea Rewards Program participating merchants.
  • Your customers earn more reward points for recommending the program to their friends and family for every transaction done by them, so they will market your business thus, helping to increase your sale
  • You also earn RPs for every registered transaction done by members referred to the program by your customers up to 5 generations.

Idea – Building a Secure Future Together

A Loyalty Reward Program for all


How do I earn Points by becoming Idea Member?

  •   You earn up to 5% of purchase value as RPs for every purchase you make at our partner stores.
  •   The RPs earned on your purchase will automatically be added to your account.
  •   You earn RPs on any purchase made by members you recommend to the Idea Rewards Program. How many would you recommend?

How do I use my Rewards points to pay for an order ?

  •   Log into your account to access your points balance.
  •   Select your Gift Card or Vouchers
  •   The option to redeem your points will be on the Payment Screen in the checkout process
  •   Enter the number of points you wish to use towards your purchase at the Points section.
  •   Transfer the balance and finish checking out.

Why can't I see my available Rewards points in checkout ?

  •   You need be logged in to view your available points in the customer APP or Website.
  •   The merchant has not processed the transaction on our system.
21st Century Loyalty Rewards Program

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